Operate more efficiently while growing patient satisfaction

Hospitals produce more than 5 million tons of waste each year and generate over 29 pounds of waste per bed per day.

Spotlite360 helps healthcare practices reduce waste and drive down costs, while maintaining the high quality of care. Hospital operations and sustainability teams get full visibility into the location and status of equipment, inventory and other physical assets as they move through the supply chain, from the sourcing, through the hospital system and on through disposal.

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With Spotlite360, healthcare facilities can

  • Reduce waste with better inventory management
  • Lower procedure wait time with more efficient allocation of diagnostic equipment
  • Verify instrument cleaning procedures were followed
  • Insure product quality with cold storage validation
  • Improve billing accuracy through automated recording of asset use
  • Manage care costs with system-wide tracking and benchmarking

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Spotlite360 Healthcare Clients Include

“The Spotlite360 solution is revolutionary – it changes everything. It provides real control over inventory and saves time.” – Client Name, Company

See how Spotlite360 improves medical
device inventory management

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Spotlite360 consultants work with the customer to design and install a customized tracing and tracking systems using the most appropriate IoT technologies from our supplier network.

Device receipt is recorded when it arrives from the distributor via mobile scan. Device’s location, storage conditions and usage is automatically recorded using RFiD readers and mobile devices. All key points are captured, from storage to use to disposal to give a real-time inventory view.

When instruments are sent off to be sterilized after use, each step of the sterilization process is tracked and logged for every device, generating a certification that the process has been completed to specification. Sterilization record is shared back with the hospital, providing quality assurance and proof of service. Cleaner and hospital work together to find efficiencies through Spotlite360 data sharing portal.

Spotlite360’s Keychain analytics platform aggregates data captured through the system and applies predictive analytics and machine learning to identify process issues, efficiency and waste reduction opportunities.

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of medical instruments
are wasted.
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